Building Regulations

The Building Regulations set standards of design and construction and apply to most building projects. They ensure buildings are constructed to a minimum standard. There are different ways to approach obtaining Building Regulation Approval. We can guide you through this and compile the information required to comply with the Building Regulations and enable you to legally build your project.



We will

    • Develop the detailed design drawings and specification.
    • Prepare the drawings and notes necessary for a Building Regulations Application.
    • Co-ordinate the compilation of information from other Consultants: We can recommend consultants as required for this stage.
    • Complete the Building Regulations Application form and submit it on your behalf.
    • Deal with any queries raised by the Building Control Officer whilst determining the application.


The fees for this can vary allot and it all depends on which Local Authority you are using, or even a separate organisation of approved inspectors. The following fees are based on Cheshire East Councils standard guidance price;

Extension Type Fee
Extensions up to 10m² Submission fee £185 & Inspection fee £296
Extensions between 10m² & 40m² Submission fee £185 & Inspection fee £435
Extensions between 40m² & 100m² Submission fee £185 & Inspection fee £580
Loft Conversions that do not include a Dormer Submission fee £185 & Inspection fee £405
Loft Conversions including a Dormer Submission fee £185 & Inspection fee £421

Please note that these fees are inclusive of VAT @ 20% and are a guide only based on Cheshire East Councils website and may vary.

There are two stages required for obtaining Building Regulations Approval.


Stage 1: Submission

When you submit the detailed plans into the chosen Building control department, they will assess all the information to check the plans comply with the current regulations. It is quite common at this stage for revisions to be made to the original plans and for them to be re-submitted. Following this a full plans approval is granted.


Stage 2: Inspections

This is broken into several different stages once the building work starts on site.For example Foundations | Drains | Roof etc. During the build the Building inspector will come out onto site and inspect each element.

At the end of the building work they will issue a Compliance certificate.

Before you begin

Before you start any building work, you should always check whether you need building regulations approval.
We can do this for you and handle the whole submission and approval process.